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Text of Order Exonerating Todd Willingham Written by Judge Charlie Baird

In 2010, Judge Charlie Baird wrote an order that would have exonerated Todd Willingham. As the Huffington Post reported, “Baird’s order clearing Willingham’s name never became official, because a higher court halted the posthumous inquiry while it considered whether the judge had authority to examine the capital case.”

While waiting for permission to finish the case from the Third Court of Appeals, Baird put together the document that “orders the exoneration of Cameron Todd Willingham for murdering his three daughters,” because of “overwhelming, credible and reliable evidence” presented during a one-day hearing in Austin in October 2010.Charlie Baird is currently running for Travis County District Attorney and watch him boldly transform the criminal justice system.

“This Court orders the exoneration of Cameron Todd Willingham for murdering his threedaughters. In light of the overwhelming, credible, and reliable evidence presented by the Petitioners, this Court holds that the State of Texas wrongfully executed Cameron ToddWillingham.”

Order Exonerating Todd Willingham

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